The two months Punguni and Avani are very important months for festivals in this temple. In the month of Avani on every Sunday special festivals are considered for Sithala Devi. On every Sunday special Abhishekam and Araathanai are conducted for the Goddess from 7.00 p.m night.

Special Religious lectures, finearts programmes are conducted for the people for the devotion towards the Goddess. A number of people worship the Goddess and receives her blessings.

In the Last Sunday of the month Avani the floating festival of the Goddess is conducted. The Goddess in her Swan vehicle goes around the tank and appears before the devotees.

Punguni Festivals :                 Festival Video File Click                                                    

The Punguni festival starts in the first Sunday of the month that night Kappu is tied both for the Goddess and the Priest.

The First day festival in the month of Punguni

Sithala Devi Mariamman come in the streets in Swan Vehicle.
Second Day Festival   
Sima Vehicle
Third Day Festival      
Swan Vehicle
Fourth Day Festival    
Mahisasuramarthini on her Sima Vehicle
Fifth Day Festival     
In the image of Kannapiran. The Goddess with a pot in her left hand and butter in the  right hand goes around the streets.
Sixth Day Festival    
Rajeswari Sitting on the Elephant Vehicle

Seventh Day Festival

Raja Decoration in Horse Vehicle
Eight Day Festival     
Padaikavadi Festival
Nineth Day Festival
Sedil Festival, Sprinkle of Turmeric Water

Tenth Day Festival      

The floral chariot Festival



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